Luana Panissidi Piti


Luana Panissidi Piti received her B.A. and her M.A. in Psychology from University of Parma in Italy. She completed her internship at City College of New York in Dr. Christine Sheffer’s lab. During the year of Internship she also became Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist (CTTS) at the Center for Tobacco Treatment, education and Research at the University of Mississippi Medical Center. She then worked as Research Assistant for the study “Reducing Disparities in Tobacco Cessation Outcome”.
She is now a Research Associate and works as a Research Coordinator for the study “Enhancing Relapse Prevention for Smoking Cessation with Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation” still under the supervision of Dr. Christine E. Sheffer. This study examines the feasibility of adding high frequency TMS to a minimal relapse prevention intervention. She also completed a NYC fellowship in Trancranial Magnetic Stimulation at Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education.
Her goal is to enhance her skills and knowledge in the research field focusing on the examination of disparities in tobacco dependence treatment outcomes and other substance use research. She is also considering pursuing a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology in the research field.