Jami Pittman


Jami holds a B.S. in psychology from Millsaps College, a small southern liberal arts school. She has been working in Dr. Sheffer’s lab since fall of 2014 as a research assistant. Dr. Sheffer’s research goals in reducing tobacco treatment disparities in marginalized communities greatly align with Jami’s personal goals to also reduce disparities and promote better quality of life for all. She has spent the most time working on the RITCh study but also works on the TMS study. Her work has focused primarily on maintaining relationships with participants, data collection and preparing data for analysis. Jami looks forward to a long and prosperous research career as she plans to return to school to attain her PhD in clinical psychology with her research focused on conceptions of pleasure and sexual interactions. In her free time, Jami enjoys dancing, going on adventures and talking about oppression.