Roxanne Gottlieb


Rose Gottlieb is pursuing a B.A. in Political Science with Public Health as a secondary major. As of August 2015 she is entering her third year of undergraduate study, and she plans to graduate in 2017.
In June 2015, Rose completed public health service in Léogâne, Haiti with the non-profit organization Your Story International. In May 2013 and again in July through August of 2015 she interned in the office of Dr. Christine Sheffer, an Associate Medical Professor at the City College of New York’s Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education. Rose assisted Dr. Sheffer with a study known as the RITCH study, or “Reducing Disparities in Tobacco Cessation Outcome”. This study focused on reducing the disparities in tobacco cessation treatments among different socioeconomic groups. She also contributed to the study known as “Enhancing Relapse Prevention for Smoking Cessation with Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation”, which examines the feasibility of adding high frequency Transcranial Magnetic Simulation (TMS) to a minimal relapse prevention intervention to treat tobacco dependency. During this time, Rose received certification from the City College Institutional Review Board to work with human research subjects.
Throughout the remainder of her undergraduate experience, Rose hopes to further contribute to projects that explore the relationships between issues of public health and their relation to public policy and socioeconomic disparities.